Melanie's Journal

Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Monash University

About me

  • Inside Out

  • Hillsong United

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • How friendly everyone is

  • Roasted veggies

  • Mel Who?

  • Full-time coffee drinker

  • Israel

“I love the culture and how people just give off such warm and friendly vibes in Melbourne. I also enjoy visiting new cafes and brunch places and my favourite café is Seven Seeds – it’s five minutes from Journal!”

“I always go to the Australian Open with my mates every year. It is amazing getting all lovers of tennis together and enjoying the game.”

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Bachelor of Biomedicine , University of Melbourne

My room is really cozy and I love the pinboard that is part of our study table. It really allows us to personalise our space. The ensuite bathroom is also designed really well to give sufficient space for showering and also storing our necessities.

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Commerce, University of Melbourne

I like the games area at Journal Uni Place most because I have so many valuable memories there with my friends and it is an absolutely fantastic place for me after a full day of studying.

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Bachelor of Biomedicine, University of Melbourne

I like the various activities going on at Journal and the friendly staff, which make you feel you live in a great community.

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